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109 visitors in 3 nights

When a lady trusted Christ Sunday at our home church, Faith Baptist, in Enterprise, AL, it was just the beginning of an amazing week! Monday and Tuesday nights we prayed and prepared the church for the events of the next 3 nights.
Wednesday we honored staff and volunteers from the local YMCA. 22 guests came (besides church people). Thursday night 57 first responders (Police, EMS, Firefighters) came and last night (Friday) 30 soldiers came for a Military Appreciation Dinner. Over all, 109 visitors heard the gospel clearly and found a church that cares about the people of their community. Each night included a fabulous meal, a personal testimony, good music, a gospel presentation and appreciation gifts, all complete in 90 minutes.  It was a lot of work, but the people rallied to the cause with purpose and joy and many seeds were planted.
Pastor Alexander said that more visitors came this week than the church normally has in the course of a year. You can contact him or us to find out how to effectively organize this type of outreach in your community.
We preach here Sunday and then head to Kentucky to minister to over 1,500 public school children in conjunction with several of our adult kids and folks from CityLight Baptist Church in Culpeper, VA.

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