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Merrill Ministries Request (for Pastors only)

I am interested in inviting the MET to our church.

Name of Church _______________________________________________________
Affiliation/Denomination/Fellowship  ________________________________________
Address ________________________City_____________ ST _____ Zip __________
Church Website ________________________________________________________

Pastor’s First Name_________________ Pastor’s Last Name ____________________
Pastor’s Email ________________________ Church Phone (_____)_______________
Pastor’s Cell Phone (_____)_________________
Meeting Type? 4-6 Day Revival    4-6 Day Conference     VBS    Concert    Sun. Services
Date(s) Requested _____________________________________________________
Theme Requested _____________________________________________________

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Email completed form to randy@MerrillMinistries.com or call 419-496-3607.


Merrill Ministries Request (for Church members)

First Name _____________________ Last Name _____________________________
Email __________________________________Phone (_____)__________________
Name of Church _______________________________________________________
Address _______________________City ______________ST_____ Zip __________
Church Phone _______________________Church Website_____________________
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