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Get involved – Join the Band Wagon


Do you have a musical instrument in your attic you’d like to have played for the Lord? Or have you always wanted to play but didn’t know where to begin? The Band Wagon may be your answer. Over the years people, who have seen our family minister with over 56 different instruments, have kindly shared various instruments. We play them, repair them and try to place them into the hands of budding students or aspiring adults who will use them for the Lord’s service. Guidelines include…

  • Donated instruments become the property of the MM Band Wagon. Instruments will be checked, cleaned and repaired.
  • Loaned instruments should be used for training and performing purposes in the Lord’s service. Unused instruments must be returned in working order for further service.
  • Several references (including the player’s pastor) are required.
  • There is no cost for the instrument itself. The player is responsible for shipping/handling and repairs incurred during use.
  • Contact us if you’re interested in hopping on the Merrill Ministries Band Wagon today.

Instruments that may be available currently:

Tenor Trombone/mouthpiece/case
Bb Valve Trombone/mouthpiece/case
Bb Cornet/mouthpiece/case
Bb Clarinet/case
3/4 Violin/case
1/2 Violin/case
Lap psaltery/case
Musical saw/bow
6 string guitar/case


Instruments shared lately…

flute (KS)
cornet (KS)
trumpet (SC)

trumpet (FL)
french horn (PA)
accordion (FL)
61-key keyboard/pedal/cord (VA)