A national ministry heralding truth since 1992

Get involved – Pray for Needs


  • Our trip to the Holy Land in Israel in Nov/2017. Singing/playing at Caesarea and the Sea of Galilee
  • Wisdom from the Word daily to meet heart needs (personal, family, team, congregations)
  • Salvation of souls in our meetings and evangelism
  • Boldness to proclaim truth in love
  • Ability to listen attentively and encourage pastors and church leadership
  • Strength in prayer (private, corporate and team)
  • Providing contacts and assisting churches needing leadership
  • Wisdom in counseling
  • Receptivity to our tract distribution
  • Keeping up with all the contacts and friends the team encounters
  • Wisdom in scheduling meetings
  • Time to write materials, books, music that will encourage people to love Christ and God’s Word more
  • Interns for our 2017 summer ministry
  • Bandwagon participants to learn/play musical instruments
  • Development of online store to simplify distribution of ministry, VBS, and music resources
  • Consultations with pastors/churches about needed facility upgrades/improvements
  • To connect pastors with pastorless churches


  • For our trip to Israel in November 2017
  • To update promotional materials (prayer cards, banners, posters, flyers, web banners)
  • To print Gospel tracts
  • To print and assemble music CD labels for mission project
  • Mission support to do the “work of an evangelist”
  • Motorhome repairs and upkeep
  • Rising insurance costs
  • Secretary and music copyist
  • New musical instrument carrying cases to replace old, worn ones
  • To help needy individuals, families, and churches with resources
  • Developing God-honoring VBS programs/curriculums and ministry presentations


  • Connecting Christian singles with godly friends and possible life-mates
  • For our children/grandchildren to hate evil, love God, and serve Him all their lives
  • National repentance
  • Governmental leadership (“all that are in authority”) at all levels
  • For Israel
  • For Micah’s (Army) reassignment to Washington DC for schooling and then to CO
  • For Niah and Allisha’s concert ministry development
  • For Moriah and Missy’s camp ministry
  • The salvation of our 2 grandkids
  • Our nation during the transition of leadership – Prov. 29:2


  • Randy’s recovery from some painful gallbladder attacks.
  • Chijah’s battle with eczema
  • Continued health and growth of our 2 grand babies
  • For numerous friends with physical ailments


  • The power of our God to change lives
  • The sale of our “still” home in less than a day
  • Installment of baseplate on tow vehicle to simplify travel
  • Different motorhome, an Ambassador, with room for the family and office space
  • Opportunity to assist the connection of men to ministries
  • Location for storage of ministry props, sets, costumes and some personal items at our home church in AL.
  • Sale of our ’97 bus