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InDSC_0583 (5) the summer of 1961…

Randy Merrill entered the world in Winston-Salem, NC, as a PK (preacher’s kid) with a godly, musical heritage. His father, Dr. Ron Merrill, was assistant pastor to Dr. Charles Stevens at Salem Baptist Church and led the Chorale at Piedmont Bible College. His maternal grandparents, Vernon and Marion Spurr, had produced a previous generation of musical servants of the Lord: Theron, Thurlow and Donna Lou Spurr (Randy’s mother) who traveled extensively for Youth for Christ in the 50’s.

Ministry and music would be a vital part of Randy’s training. Early in life, preaching opportunities, instrumental lessons, church involvement, parental instruction and participation with his family, the Musical Merrills (Ron, Donna and Ronda, his sister) generated a love for God’s Word, solid music and a desire to encourage others to serve the Lord. In the 8th grade, Randy became the congregational songleader at the Bethel Baptist Church (about 350 members) in Savannah, Ohio. By his Junior year, he inherited the church choir responsibilities from his pastor-father. While in high school Randy won several preaching contests including the large Ohio Youth Fellowship at the Christian Hall of Fame in Canton, OH and the state-wide competition for CSO (Christian Schools of Ohio) in Cleveland.

In the fall of 1979…

God directed Randy to Bob Jones University. Like his father 25 years earlier, Randy became the Student Body Chorister (1982-83) and then the Student Body President in 1983-84. After being honored in Who’s Who Among American Colleges and Universities, Randy graduated in 1984, married his childhood sweetheart, Patricia Spoerr, was ordained to the gospel ministry and became the assistant pastor and music director of the Calvary Baptist Church in Roseville, MI. He was also the music teacher for about 270 students in grades 1-12 at Calvary Christian School before assuming a successful pastorate in Lafayette, Oregon in 1988.

In the spring of 1992…

mmmt1010after preaching a six month sermon series on Abraham— a man of faith who obeyed and transported his family wherever God led— the Second Generation MUSICAL MERRILL MINISTRY TEAM began. With God’s protection, Randy’s family and his brother-in-law’s family, the Wylers, embarked in their vans and travel trailers on a journey across the country and in several provinces of Canada conducting evangelistic crusades, family conferences, seminars, concerts and camps. After 12 years, the 2-family team grew to 15 members. Sometimes Grandpa and Grandma Merrill joined the crew making it 3 generations with 17 people.

In the spring of 2004…

God allowed both families to travel and minister individually. Subsequently, Randy’s family and interns who joined the team became the MERRILL EVANGELISTIC TEAM. Over the years, the children have come and gone from the team as schooling, marriage and work changed the parameters, but the vibrant message of the gospel of Christ continues to be heralded weekly.

Randy’s refreshing love for the Lord is reflected through his enthusiastic, dynamic preaching, biblical counseling, playing of seven different instruments and training of his own children. His ability to compose, arrange, orchestrate, record and conduct God-honoring music has inspired Christians to utilize their God-given talents across the continent.Family Sweaters web

Randy has produced 7 music books, over 300 musical arrangements, including several published by Soundforth and Bible Truth Music (Find the Babe Christmas Musical in 2015), 9 complete Vacation Bible School programs (with the help of the team), 7 musicals, 7 recorded albums, and gospel tracts. Randy’s desire to assist pastors, church music directors and worship leaders in creating meaningful worship also prompted his book entitled “P.R.A.I.S.E. Him in Joyful Song!”

The spring of 2017 marks 25 years…

of God’s faithfulness to the Merrills and their itinerant team. New opportunities to share the gospel arise daily. New and old-time friends will continue to hear the life-changing story through fresh and unique presentations. New team members continue to make invaluable contributions also to this vibrant troupe but the message remains consistent…”Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, and today, and forever.”


Vice President, Phi Beta Chi (1981-82)
President, Phi Beta Chi (1982-83)
Student Body President, Bob Jones University (1983-84)
Outstanding Young Men of America (1984)
Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities (1984)
Ordination into the Gospel Ministry, Bethel Baptist Church, Savannah, Ohio (1985)
FBT (Fellowship of Baptist Teens) Board Member (1985-88)


Summer Pastoral Assistant, Bethel Baptist Church (1982)
Interim Pastor, Bible Baptist Church (1983)
Assistant/Youth Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church (1984-1988)
Music Teacher, Calvary Christian School (1984-1988)
Pastor, Bible Baptist Church (1988-1992)
Producer/Composer/Arranger, Family Fav'rites (1986-2007)
Evangelist, Second Generation Musical Merrill Ministry Team (1992-2004)
Evangelist, Merrill Evangelistic Team (2004-present)
Wycliffe Associate (2015-present)


Bible Verse: 1 Timothy 1:12 "I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry."

Bible Book: 2 Timothy

Hobbies: Writing Music, Riding a bike, Repairing RV's

Tool: Cordless Drill

Sports: Baseball, Football, Basketball, Tennis (Anything with a ball)

Foods: Spinach Quiche; Grilled Chicken; Ceasar's Salad

Activity: Being with family; Sharing the gospel; Writing a song

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