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Sermon Themes

Find below some of the weekly themes the Merrill Team have shared in their crusades. Each series theme has 6-9 biblically sound and culturally relevant messages which always include a presentation of the gospel. Pastors and people alike have expressed their gratefulness for the continuity and long lasting effects of this approach. Besides coordinating special music with the topics, the team often teaches a corresponding chorus to drive home the main thrust. If one of these topics or a different theme seems advantageous for your flock’s current needs, please contact Evangelist Merrill. He will seek to follow the Spirit’s leadership and work with you.



... includes powerful Bible messages (with visual presentations), outreach ideas, a theme chorus, instrumental and vocal music presented by the team, coordinated services and the Gospel.

One, Big, Happy Family

Home - Family

How can a family thrive in our increasingly dysfunctional society? What are the basics, behaviors and benefits of a happy home? How can we strengthen our marriage, train our children, encourage our grandchildren and become God-fearing adults? (Psalm 128)

First Things First


How do your schedule, finances and energy indicate your priorities? Where do God, your family, your church and your employment fit in? Does your life reflect that "in all things He might have the preeminence?" (Colossians 1:18)

Faithful Unto Death!


Is it possible to be faithful to God regardless of our decadent culture? How does the cycle of faithfulness work? What does it mean to be faithful "even unto death" with our families, finances, friendships and more? (Rev. 2:10)

The Healthy Life

Doctrine - Church

As a health-conscious people, how necessary is it for our minds, doctrine, speech, and faith to be "sound" as well? What essential nutrients promote wellness? What free radicals threaten healthy, wholesome relationships? Titus has the prescription.

Family of God

Family - Church

For proud saluters of the Christian flag, Colossians 3 instructs us concerning direction, disposition, deportment, differences, and discipline of the family of God. To be effective, shouldn't we follow God's design in the House of God and our own houses?

Be Not Deceived!

Christian Living - Prophecy

Have we drunk the wine of Satan's deception? (Proverbs 20:1) Extreme vigilance is vital in a world of increasing darkness? How are this world’s lies affecting our deportment, distinctions and duties? Following the "Caution" sign may save our lives.

How's Your Aim?

Family - Relationships

When shooting targets, the goal is to hit the bullseye. Why do we often focus on the outer rings or beyond? According to Ephesians 4, shouldn't Christ be the center of everything in our lives? If He is the core, shouldn't our family, work and world relationships improve?

Impacting this Generation

Social Issues

Would you choose a tire iron or an impact wrench to replace a wheel? Why? Pneumatic tools, by definition, use compressed air. Though you can't see it, you can feel it! Can God's Spirit impact this "crooked and perverse" generation? Then let's seek it!

Clocking the Future


"Knowing the time" moves us to prepare for the future. What does the Bible say about Israel, the EU, Iran, Russia and America? How does the prophetic puzzle fit together? And "what "manner of persons ought we to be" in light of these soon coming extreme events?

Abound More and More

Positive Christian Living

Are you content with lethargy and apathy -- flat basketball syndrome -- or do you desire to be more like a superball? Our bodies, behavior, brothers, business and beliefs affect our bounce. 1 Thessalonians 4 admonishes us to "abound more and more" in Christ.

Music Matters

Music - Biblical Guidelines

Does the kind of music we listen to or perform really matter? Evangelist Merrill has written, performed, recorded and studied music. He has a wealth of musical knowledge and experience, but emphasizes that the Word of God has answers for this hot button topic.

No Fault Living!

Holiness - Blamelessness

Are you living so that no one can point the finger of blame at you? What does Paul mean in 2 Timothy 2:19 when he writes "let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity?" Recognizing our propensity to sin, how can we attain victory on a daily basis?


Encouragement - Character

Many seem to be lagging, dragging or quitting completely, but these are times to continue! Like Peter, who after being miraculously released from prison stood at John Mark's door and continued knocking, so also the Scriptures admonish us to continue in the word, faith, grace, prayer, and love, but not in sin!

Run With Patience

Motivation for Life's Race

With smart phones, billboards, and strange sights alluring our attention every minute, it's easy to get distracted and take our eyes off the goal. Hebrews 12 restores our vision by reminding us of past runners, our present race and the prime example and rewarder - Jesus. So for God's glory, let's run! Glenn Cunningham story included.

How's Your Pair Tree?

Relationships in the Church - Unity

Since friendships often make us or break us, we must be very careful with whom we associate, both in the church and out. Paul gives Timothy (II) some extremely practical advice about the influence of his contacts, even naming 27 people. Some he commends and some he condemns - often in pairs.

The Merrill Evangelistic Team continually develops biblical themes to reach the hearts and needs of people. Other series include topics for Missions, the Bible, Godly Friendships, Evangelism, Principles of Finance, Handling Hardships, Finding Life's Purpose, Health Issues, Persecution, Doctrine, Bible Character Studies...and more.