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We Believe – Doctrinal Statement

Why does it matter what we believe? (Read the MET Doctrinal Statement.)

Why do some Muslims choose to die in jihad? The answer is simple: beliefs. Why do evolutionists need millions of years to account for the formation of the earth? Or why do Christians seek to share their faith with everyone they meet? Same answer: beliefs. Because beliefs dictate actions, it is imperative that beliefs are not based on man’s opinions or views, but rather on unchanging, inerrant truth. Only one source fits that description — the holy Word of God.

The MET believes Bible doctrine matters. As Albert Mohler said, “Doctrine is, quite literally, the teaching of the church–what the church understands to be the substance of its faith. It is no substitute for personal experience. Evangelical Christians have given clear witness to the necessity of personal faith in Jesus Christ, but that personal faith is based in some specific understanding of who Jesus Christ is and what He accomplished on the cross. After all, we do not call persons to profess faith in faith, but faith in Christ.

There is no Christianity “in general.” Faith in some experience devoid of theological or biblical content–no matter how powerful–is not New Testament Christianity. Those called to Christianity in general may believe nothing in particular. But faith resides in particulars.” Read his entire article here.

That is why the MET has carefully studied the Scriptures and set down in order these doctrinal truths so that you may know what WE BELIEVE and that you may be encouraged to get out your shovel and dig deeply into the rich soil of God’s Word also. Proverbs 2:1-6.